Committees of the Medical Society of the State of New York

Table of Contents

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01a. Commissioner of Governmental Relations
Commissioner of Governmental Relations
01b. Division of Governmental Relations
Employed Physicians' Rights Committee
Federal Candidate Evaluation Committee
State Candidate Evaluation Committee
Legislative and Physician Advocacy Committee
MSSNYPAC Officers and Executive Committee
Quality Improvement and Patient Safety Committee
Long Term Care-Subcommittee
Health Information Technology Committee
Scope of Practice AD HOC Committee
02. Committee for Physician Health
CPH Advisory Committee
03a. Division of Governmental Relations - Commissioner Science & Public Health
Commissioner of Science and Public Health
03b. Division of Governmental Relations - Science & Public Health Commission
Bio Ethics
Committee on Health Equity
Emergency Preparedness and Disaster/Terrorism Response
Preventive Medicine and Family Health Committee
Heart, Lung, Cancer Committee
Infectious Diseases Committee
Addiction and Psychiatric Medicine Committee
Medical Education AD HOC Committee
MSSNY Committee for Physician Wellness and Resilience
04a. Division of Governmental Relations - Commissioner Education
04b. Division of Governmental Relations - Medical Education Commission
Continuing Medical Education
CME Survey-Subcommittee
CME Educational Programs-Subcommittee
CME Accreditations Appeals AD HOC Committee
05a. Commissioner of Socio-Medical Economics
Commissioner of Socio-Medical Economics
05b. Division of Physician Payment & Practice
Health Insurance Committee
Workers’ Compensation and No-Fault Insurance
06a. Commissioner of Membership
Commissioner of Membership
06b. Commission on Membership
Long Range Planning Committee
General Membership
IMG/Ethnic Medical Associations Committee
Women Physicians Committee
MSSNY Telemedicine Work Group
07. Commissioner of Communications
Commissioner of Communications
07b. Commission on Communications and Publications
Member Benefits
08a. Commissioner In-House Administrative Committees
Commissioner of In-House Administrative Committees
Office of the President
08b. In-House Administrative Committees
AMA Delegation
AMA Delegation - Operations Committee
Budget and Finance
House Committee on Bylaws
Judicial Council
Independent Practice and IPA
09. Trustees Committees
Audit & Oversight
Employee Benefits
Real Estate