Current MSSNY Bylaws April 2017
Proposed Bylaws Updates - January 2019

Dear MSSNY Delegates:

Over the past 4 years, your House Committee on Bylaws has been diligently and patiently reviewing the MSSNY Bylaws., It became apparent that there were many redundancies in the document, some structural and organizational problems, grammatical corrections and outdated wording.

The Committee has reviewed and refined the Bylaws so that it is organized better and grammar has been corrected. NO SUBSTANTIAL CHANGES which would modify the intent of the bylaws were made, as this would require a bylaws amendment.  That being said, language was added in some areas to reflect current facts (see Article VIII) and to reflect commonly used technology and practices (see Article V, Section E, paragraphs 7 and 8).

The organizational structure of the Bylaws was changed so the document would read more logically and smoothly. Paragraph structure and language were retained unless it was determined to be redundant.

It is very important that ALL delegates review the proposed refinements to the Bylaws and consider its re-structuring for approval. It is very important that you review the old Bylaws so you can compare the two documents and assess whether language and intent have indeed been retained in all sections. It should be very clear that this refinement was done to “clean up” excessive redundant language and improve the structure and flow of the Bylaws.

You will now have three full months to review, read and reflect on the newly refined and re-organized Bylaws. You can submit any and all comments in writing to MSSNY staff at any time prior to the HOD.  A dedicated address for your comments has been established and those will all be maintained and shared with the members of the House Committee on Bylaws.  Please share your thoughts at and be sure to sign your comments so we can contact you if the committee has questions.

IN ADDITION, all delegates will have an opportunity to speak to these proposed Bylaws at the MSSNY HOD. Verbal testimony will be heard by the Bylaws Committee on Friday, April 12. If you have extensive comments, a written commentary would be very much appreciated since time for testimony is limited. Comments should be limited to the new organizational structural and refinements. Hopefully, it will be very apparent that these refined Bylaws are simply an easier to read document with no major changes.

Once the Bylaws committee has received all written and verbal comments and testimony, it will regroup and consider all opinions and suggestions. Any and all comments must be received by the 2019 MSSNY HOD in order to be considered.

At the MSSNY 2020 HOD, the FINAL Bylaws document will be presented for adoption.

It may occur to many delegates that in reading over the Bylaws, amendments may be necessary and that is understandable. Should a delegate feel a substantial change should be made, that will be handled SEPARATELY.  Separate and distinct resolutions for a Bylaws CHANGE would be handled independently and must go through the usual process for Bylaws amendments.

Please do not hesitate to contact either of us or MSSNY staff with any questions or concerns.


Kira A. Geraci, MD                                          William R. Latreille, MD
Speaker                                                          Vice Speaker