As reference committee hearings approach, your Speakers want to remind you again of important items you will want to include on your calendar.

The Convention Committee on Rules Credentials and Order of Business met on Monday, March 28.
  The business considered is contained in their report and included recommendations for late resolutions, reaffirmation of certain items of business in each ref com, and election process, etc. Be sure to read this important report before attending the hearings.

We understand that many want the Floor Nomination process clarified. We have wrestled with this in order to ensure a fair process for everyone.
  Herewith, we confirm the processes which will be utilized for elections and which were also outlined in the Report of the Rules Committee.

Certain elements of the 2016 Floor Nomination process have been suspended.
The following requirements remain in place:
1-Potential candidates must be endorsed by a minimum of 10 delegates credentialed to serve in the current 2022 HOD

2-Provide a written statement of candidacy and qualifications, which might include their vision for MSSNY

These requirements apply to ALL candidates seeking a “floor” nomination.

Election to the New York Delegation to the AMA:
The deadline for floor nominations, should there be any, of candidates for the New York Delegation to the AMA is Friday April 15 at 5PM. Any additions to the candidates listed for election to the delegation will be published on the MSSNY website at by Monday April 18. This will allow adequate time for consideration of additional candidates prior to the election process starting on April 29.

This election will be held electronically using the electionrunner ballot. Those who have served in the HOD during the last two years should be familiar with the process. An electronic ballot will be e-mailed to each credentialed delegate on Friday, April 29. Every delegate will be provided with a unique ID and “key” to access their ballot.  The election of AMA delegates will close on Friday, May 6 at 9 PM.

Societies responsible for credentialing of delegates to the House should take note
that the deadline for credentialing delegates for voting in the AMA Delegation election will be Thursday, April 28 by 5 PM

Election of Officers, Councilors, and Trustees
Election of Officers, Councilors, and Trustees will take place at the live HOD meeting in Tarrytown.  Those listed as nominees in the Report of the Nominating Committee will remain on the ballot for the position indicated.

Those wishing to be considered for positions that do not indicate a nominee OR for any other position may place their name into consideration by complying with the same requirements listed above.

The deadline for any candidate to announce plans to run from the floor will be
Wednesday May 11 at 5 PM. Background materials for publication on the MSSNY website must be submitted by this date in order to be considered; this includes the candidate statement about their qualifications and the endorsements received. This deadline allows adequate time for the ballot to be updated and published one week prior to the opening of the House of Delegates.

Rules for Contested Elections:
~For any contested positions, each candidate will be given the opportunity to address the HOD for two minutes.
~Ballots for contested positions will be distributed to credentialed delegates in the House
~The vote shall be counted and announced. The candidate receiving a majority of votes cast shall be elected. If no candidate receives a majority, there will be a runoff election between the candidates who received the two highest vote totals.
~Candidates who appeared as nominated in the January report of the Nominating Committee and who have placed their names into consideration for another position as well (thus creating a contested election) will be considered for the original position recommended by the Nominating Committee if they lose the contested election. 

Credentialing for the purposes of voting in elections for Officers, Councilors, and Trustees must be completed by 4 PM on Friday, May 20.

As noted in our Floor Nomination policy, given the extensive time delegates have to evaluate the nominating committee recommendations posted on the website, last minute nominations do not allow sufficient time for voting members of the House to properly evaluate these candidates and their qualifications.

We send this information to confirm what has been delineated by the Convention Committee on Rules, Credentials and Order of Business, the report of which was sent to all members of the House on Thursday
. The need to review and revise the Floor Nomination process was required by the way in which the House of Delegates has needed to change. Those changes were prompted not just by pandemic adjustments but also by policy adopted by the House in 2020 which required leadership to shorten the length of the House to two days.  Policy 207.959 required this action by 2023; we are happy to report that your Speakers have brought about compliance with this policy ahead of schedule. 

New Delegate Orientation
Dr. Basile, as your Vice Speaker, conducted an Orientation on Thursday, March 31 at 5 PM.  This enlightening event provided all NEW delegates with an overview of the why, how, when of House of Delegates process.  Any delegate wishing to receive a copy of the power point slides may request them.

Resolutions and Reference Committee Hearings
Resolutions are posted to the MSSNY website by reference committee. These items are what will be discussed next week at each of the hearings.  Familiarize yourself with them and feel free to post comments in the dropbox found on the website.

The schedule of reference committee hearings is as follows and is also listed on the MSSNY website at .
Sunday, April 3 - 9 AM                    Governmental Affairs B
Monday, April 4 - 6 PM                   Governmental Affairs A
Tuesday, April 5 - 6:30 PM             Bylaws
Wednesday, April 6 – 6:30 PM      Reports of Officers
Thursday, April 7 – 6 PM                Socio-Medical Economics
Saturday, April 9 – 9 AM                 Public Health and Education

You must
REGISTER for each hearing to ensure you receive the link to participate on that day. Registration information is also on our website.

Hotel and Dinner Dance Reminder
If you have not yet done so, don’t forget to make your hotel reservation.  Click here to book a reservation or you can call 914-631-2200 to reserve. 

Delegates MUST RSVP for the President’s Dinner Dance. You must complete the RSVP form in order to receive a dinner ticket.  Delegates attend the Dinner Dance at no cost and may bring their spouse or one guest, also at no cost.  Additional tickets are available for purchase.

We will see you at the ref com hearings next week but we very much
 are looking forward to May and seeing you all again in person!

 Be well, see you next week!

William R. Latreille, MD                                          Maria A. Basile, MD
Speaker                                                                     Vice Speaker