The Physician's Answer to Powerful
and Effective Political Action

Chairman, Joseph R. Sellers, MD (Schoharie)
Treasurer, Andrew T. Cheng, MD (NY)
Vice Chair, George O. Stasior, MD (Albany)
Secretary, Edward K. Bartels, MD (Erie)


The profession to which we have committed our lives and upon which our patient’s lives depend, needs to be protected, preserved and strengthened and for this, we need your help.
MSSNYPAC represents the collective interests of patients and physicians in the political arena through a collaboration of thousands of physicians, residents, medical students, Alliance members, businesses, and associations by working to advance the collective agenda and initiatives of New York physicians of every specialty and every region.

We speak with a strong, 
united voice to clearly articulate the needs of patients and physicians in the complex and ever-changing healthcare delivery environment of today’s New York State. As we face challenges like never before at the state and federal level and with strong opposition from the insurance industry, trial lawyers and nonphysician professionals, your contribution to MSSNYPAC has never been more necessary. On behalf of the body of members of MSSNYPAC, thank you for partnering with us to assure physicians retain their seat at the table when health care policy discussions are taking place. – Joseph Sellers, MD Chair.

Contact the MSSNYPAC office at:
(518) 465-8085 or