Bill Memos

Memos in Support

  • A.431 Lead Abatement
    Legislation that would amend the Public Health Law and require the commissioner of health to take action whenever an area of high lead risk is designated due to lead-based paint.
  • A.1160/S.981 Citizenship Requirements for Licensure
    Legislation that would would eliminate the licensure requirement of citizenship or permanent residence immigration status for those professions that currently have that requirement.
  • A.1179 Ban Flavored Tobacco Products
    Legislation that would prohibit the sale of flavored tobacco products such as cigars that are not hand-made, chewing tobacco, snuff, and rolling paper in order to decrease the incidence of tobacco use among children. 
  • A.1766 S.1650 Out-of-State Laboratory Technicians 
    Legislation that would create a uniform standard that allows the State Education Department (SED), in consultation with DOH, to establish standards of education for out-of-state laboratory technicians which mirror standards applicable to such technicians in laboratories located inNew York State.
  • A.1919A - EPT 
    Legislation that would allow for expedited partner therapy (EPT) for sexually transmitted infections when the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommended it for the sexual partner or partners of someone having been diagnosed with the disease.
  • A.3138 Protection from Disclosure of Statements Made During Peer Review
    Legislation that would extend the confidentiality provisions relating to discovery of testimony to apply to statements made by any person in attendance at peer-review committee that is a party to an action the subject matter of which was reviewed at such meeting.
  • A.5692-S3690 Collective Negotiation
    Legislation that would amend the public health law to permit some collective negotiations between health care providers and health insurance plans under close state supervision.
  • A.6498/S.5762 Support Due Process
    Legislation that would amend the public health law and the insurance law to provide physicians and other health care practitioners with necessary due process protections where health insurers seek to terminate a physician from its network by failing to renew the physician’s contract.
  • S.3558/A.3597 Vision Rehab
    Legislation that would license trained rehabilitation professionals, who work with people with impaired vision, to restore their ability to independently function in their home the school, the workplace as well as in their community.
  • S.4388/A.6965 Partial Exemption Real Estate Tax
    Legislation that would provide a partial tax exemption for real property purchased by a physician for use as a primary residence when the physician works in and the property is located in a physician shortage area designated by the Commissioner of Health.
  • S.5493 Truth in Advertising
    Legislation that would amend the Education Law to ensure appropriate identification of all health care professionals in their one on one interactions with patients and in their advertisements to the public.

Memos in Opposition

  • S.7660 CME Mandate
    AN ACT to amend the public health law, in relation to the prescription pain medication awareness program and providing for the repeal of such provisions upon expiration thereof
  • S.7660/A.1124-A/A.9878 Pain Management CME
    Legislation that would require that every physician, physician assistant, nurse practitioner, nurse, and specialist assistant, every four years, complete course work or training regarding pain management and palliative care appropriate to the professional’s practice. 

  • A.2365/ S.1046 Ex Parte
    Legislation that would amend the civil practice law and rules to prohibit a physician’s defense counsel in a medical liability action from conducting an interview with the plaintiff’s treating physician.
  • A.4846 NPs Independent Practice
    Legislation that would amend the nurse practice act in the Education Law to eliminate in certain instances the requirement for a written practice agreement and practice protocols between a nurse practitioner and a physician.
  • A.5124/S4069 Retail Clinics
    Legislation that would allow diagnostic and treatment centers owned by for-profit companies to be established to provide health care services within the space of a retail business operation, such as a pharmacy, a store open to the general public, or a shopping mall.
  • A.7108/S.4835 Podiatry Scope
    This measure would amend compromise legislation from 2012 by ostensibly making “technical” changes in the legislation enacted in 2012. However, these technical changes are actually substantive language, which was discussed and rejected during last year’s negotiated compromise.
  • S.744/A.1056  Statute of Limitation
    Legislation that would amend the civil practice law and rules, in relation to the limitations of time within which an action for medical, dental, or podiatric malpractice accrues.
  • S.775/A4221 Pharmacy Techs
    Legislation that would establish requirements for registration and certification of pharmacy technicians and be granted a scope of practice determined by the education department and the board of regents.
  • S.1918/A.5632 Dental Scope
    Legislation that would amend the education law in relation to amending the definition of the scope of practice of dentistry to authorize dentists who are qualified and certified to perform. 
  • S.1940/A.5956 Doctors of Chiropractic
    Legislation that would allow doctors of chiropractic, licensed under Title VIII, Article 132 of the education law to form partnerships with medical doctors.  
  • S.2219 PA Training for IMGs
    Legislation that would require the Department of Education to establish processes for the approval of curricula offered by foreign medical schools for students in physician assistant programs, clinical training programs for such students that would take place in underserved areas of the state and a graduate exam to be taken by persons completing such programs, in the same manner in which domestic programs are approved. 
  • S.3280 - A4886 - NP ADMIT TO PSYCHIATRIC
    Legislation that would expand the scope of practice, duties and responsibilities of a nurse practitioner to be the same as those of a physician/psychiatrist with respect to psychiatric hospitalization and treatment, as well as the medical-legal processes associated with a voluntary and involuntary civil commitment of an individual to a psychiatric hospital licensed or operated by the New York State Office of Mental Health. 
  • S.2861 Mandate CME 8 hours Maziarz
    Legislation that would require prescribers of prescription pain medication to complete mandatory coursework or training relating to opiate-dependent patients.   The bill also requires that the DOH Workgroup on Pain report to its recommendations for additional continuing medical education to the commissioner of health relating to the treatment and management of opiate-dependent patients.
  • S.4828-A/A.7860 Naturopathy Scope
    Legislation that would amend the education law, the limited liability company law and the partnership law, in relation to the practice of naturopathy; and to amend the social services law, in relation to the reporting of child abuse.
  • S.4611 NPs Independent Practice
    Legislation that would amend the nurse practice act in the Education Law to eliminate in certain instances the requirement for a written practice agreement and practice protocols between a nurse practitioner and a physician. Amendments to this bill would allow certain nurse practitioners to have a collaborative relationship but no written practice agreement with a physician or physicians or a hospital.