2019 - 2020 Memos in Support and Opposition


A.5018 Medical Witness

A.4897 Medical Liability Reform Act


A4892 S3269 Sudden Cardiac Arrest

A5425 S4269 Grants Gateway DANY

S.2248 Creation of Suicide Task Force

S.4469-A.3822-B Eye Drops

S1819-A.3276 Maternal Mortality

S2833 A558 Tobacco 21

S2847-A3038 Prior Authorization

S3462 A2393 Collective Negotiations

S4336 A6163 Rear Passenger Seatbelts

S5131 Hearing Aids

S5280-A5140 MOC

S.2849 Prescription drug formulary changes during a contract year

S.2374 Firearm safety Re: background checks

A.47-S.428 E-Cigarettes

A. 2904 Treatment of Substance Abuse Disorders

A.389 S.592 Tobacco Free Pharmacy

A.2371 S.2994 Eliminate Religious Exemption Vaccines

A.2969 S.2849 Mid-Year Formulary Changes

A.2998-S.1799 Expedited Therapy

A.3077 S.4335 Uniform Credentialing

A.3918 Dispensing of Partially Filled Prescriptions

A1034 S4183 E-Prescription Exemption

A1164 S1801 Qualified Group Practice Confidentiality

A2835 S3463 Due Process

A3076 Peer Review


A.10990-S.8936 NP independence

A.10840/S.8835 Rolls back COVID-19 liability protections for physicians 

A. 7807A-S. 5397 Epilepsy SUDEP

A.2631-S.3583 safety recall

A.7991-A-S.6678-A OPMC notice

A10427 Kim S8497 Biaggi Letter

S.5150 A5603B Coprescribing

Physician Discipline Letter

A.1193-C – S.4035-A Optometrist Scope Expansion

A.2982-S.1812 Fluoroscopy

A.7467 S.5657 Med Marijuana Expansion

A.8256 Opioid Medications

A821-S2834 Laser Hair Removal

A2372-S.6081 Settling Tortfeasor

A2373 S.6552  Third Party Payouts

A5612 - S4006 Wrongful Death

A6023 School Forms

A6185 - S5395 Podiatry 

A7599 - S6335 Hearsay

S.1527B A1671B Marijuana Adult Use

S.4975 A 6486 Pharmacist Vaccines Hep A B HPV

S.5092 CLIA Waived Test

S.5150 A.5603B Coprescribing an Opioid Antagonist

S2888-A318 Maternity Patients

S4006 A5612 Wrongful Death

S5575A A5635A Security Breach Notification

S6194-A2370 Ex Parte

S.5227-A.6311 Immununizations

S.1507 Opposition to Budget Provision to Cut Reimbursement for Dual-Eligible Medicaid-Medicare Patients

A.2932 Use of fluoroscopy by physician assistants

A.688 Adding autism to the list of conditions covered for lawful medical use of marihuana