Health Information Technology

HIT Committee Chair: Dr. Salvatore Volpe;
HIT Committee Vice Chair: Dr. Donald Moore;

The Medical Society of the State of New York (MSSNY) has been a staunch supporter of Health Information Technology HIT) since 2005.  MSSNY has created a Health Information Technology Committee and several sub-committees which are led by physician champions who in most cases are actually “early adopters” of technology. These physicians believe in the benefits and efficiencies brought about through the adoption of electronic health record systems and other uses of information technology.

Since MSSNY made the commitment to enter the world of HIT, it has engaged physicians throughout New York State in a number of activities. MSSNY has developed multiple educational programs to educate thousands of physicians relative to the enhanced quality of care to be obtained through adoption of health information technology. The physician audiences have included all specialties, practicing in ambulatory settings as well as hospitalists. MSSNY has presented a full and enriched program every year since 2006 with the sole purpose being to encourage physicians to adopt health information technology and all its components from e-prescribing to clinical decision support to important privacy and security issues. MSSNY strongly feels that independent physicians still prove to be the participants most essential to improving the overall healthcare system, improving patient access to care, reducing medical errors and collaborating in the care of patients. 

MSSNY’s highlighted accomplishments are as follows: 

  • Presented seventy-seven (77) HIT educational programs to over 5,000 physicians;
  • Conducted two comprehensive, in-depth EHR-Vendor evaluations to provide physicians with proven products at discounted prices for products and services;
  • Engaged national HIT leaders, such as Dr. Barry Chaiken, Newt Gingrich and Francois DeBrantes as speakers;
  • Developed a set of tools for physicians to use to determine EHR readiness and workflow redesign to meet transformational change from paper to electronic environments;
  • Provided financial assistance to six evolving HIT Projects, including the Taconic IPA (THINC), Catholic IPA of Western New York (CIPA), Donald Moore, MD, Four County Management Corp, Anthony Cipolla, MD and the Adirondack Health Information Exchange (ARCHIE), to enable the purchase and implementation of Electronic Health Record technology and interface connectivity to enable bilateral flow of patient health information among health information exchange stakeholders in their communities;
  • Played an integral role in the support of the Adirondack Park Patient Centered Medical Home Pilot which will provide patients with improved access to care and through the creation of Physician Practice Support Organizations, assist physicians with the ability  to provide their patients with collaborative care.   

MSSNY has clearly evolved over the past six years and we are determined to continue to perform this vitally important mission by providing individual services to physician practices, especially those who have had a challenging time in their efforts to engage technology with all the implications such an engagement presents. MSSNY has embarked on initiating a Service Bureau through which it intends to provide the same services provided by the Regional Extension Centers. However, a major distinction of the Service Bureau is that  the specialist practitioner and the larger primary care practices with greater than ten (10) physicians) will be targeted because they are not being provided with subsidized services provided by the Regional Extension Centers. MSSNY feels that these specialist and larger primary care groups play a major role in collaborative care for patients young and old. They deserve the opportunity to participate in the Federal Incentive programs under Medicare or Medicaid.