The Division of Meetings and Conventions is responsible for all logistical arrangements for meetings of the Medical Society.
This includes the Annual House of Delegates meeting of MSSNY, MSSNY Council and Board of Trustees, meetings of the New York Delegation to the American Medical Association, as well as day to day committee meetings which take place within the headquarters building of MSSNY.
The Annual House of Delegates of MSSNY sets the annual policy and organizational direction for the Medical Society. The 330 voting members of the House of Delegates (HOD) deliberate on the business presented to the House utilizing parliamentary procedure and the resolution and reference committee process. Issues before the MSSNY HOD are germane to the well being of patients and the delivery of their health care in the State of New York. Resolutions to address these issues should be submitted by the deadline posted on the website pages for the House of Delegates and will be posted to the web site prior to the House of Delegates meeting. 

Meetings and Conventions coordinates the informational reports, daily schedule, county society caucuses, and other meetings which take place during House of Delegates weekend. It ensures that delegates receive all information prior to the HOD so that they may read and consider it prior to arrival at the meeting. The Ceremony of the Presidents, at which the new President of MSSNY is inaugurated, and the Presidents Dinner Dance, are arranged and implemented by the Division. The Division is also responsible for contracting with the properties which are used for the Annual HOD meeting and ensuring hotel accommodations for delegates and guests. 

The New York Delegation to the American Medical Association (AMA) is the communication link between New York physicians and the national professional association for physicians. The AMA House of Delegates meets twice each year to discuss and collaborate on issues important to the health care of America and sets national policy. New York delegates represent the physicians of the State and their unique issues and are elected at the MSSNY House of Delegates each year. The Annual meeting of the AMA takes place in June in Chicago each year (this is the headquarters of the AMA). The Interim meeting is held in November and focuses on advocacy and legislative issues and initiatives. The Interim meeting rotates around the United States.  The Division arranges all caucuses for the New York Delegation, coordinates the review of handbook materials and works with the Great Lakes States Coalition. 

The Division of Meetings and Conventions maintains the calendar of meetings within MSSNY as well. Committees meet on almost a daily basis. You can view the calendar of meetings on the MSSNY website. 

The Division also provides the staff support for the Medical Student Section (MSS) of MSSNY. New York has the largest number of medical and osteopathic schools within in one State (15). The MSSNY MSS is comprised of over 2,500 members statewide and has chapters at each medical and osteopathic school. The MSSNY MSS meets four times annually. More information on the Medical Student Section. For further information please contact:

Laurel Mayer, ext. 404


Michael Reyes, ext. 368