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The Physician Health Program for New York State The Committee for Physician Health, founded in 1974, is a division of the Medical Society of the State of New York. CPH provides non-disciplinary, confidential assistance to physicians, residents, medical students, and physician’s assistants experiencing problems from stress and difficult adjustment, emotional, substance abuse and other psychiatric disorders, including psychiatric problems that may arise as a result of medical illness.

CPH provides support and referrals to those participating in the program, but also to those calling in with concerns about physicians including healthcare coworkers, colleagues, and family members. We recommend evaluation, treatment and/or other assistance to our participants, and monitor for progress in recovery from illness. In this way, we can also provide strong advocacy on behalf of the participant to continue their practice as a physician or physician-in-training.

We provide education to the medical community as well as other communities on recognition of stress, burnout and illness in physicians, options for prevention or reduction and outreach to physician groups on our services. Importantly, we instill hope in the lives of our clients, that recognition and treatment for stress and illness is desirable, helpful, and can route the person back to optimum health as an individual and as a physician.

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