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Physician Wellness and Resilience Resources
MSSNY - Physician BurnoutStress is a serious problem with serious consequences faced by many physicians throughout their professional careers.  

Recognizing that this is a critical challenge for the medical profession and the overall healthcare system, the MSSNY Committee on Physician Wellness and Resilience (
see members here) addresses ways to help our colleagues understand the issues, develop skills to manage their own stress, and have a resource to turn to.  

We have gathered a compendium of relevant articles that will help you understand and cope with the universal issue of physician stress and burnout. Material on this topic is abundant, and we have organized these important articles by dividing them into four sections, based on the reader’s perspective:

1. Physician Burnout as an Individual and Public Health Issue: The need to reassess best use of resources
2. Physician Burnout - The State of the State: MSSNY Task Force on Physician Stress and Burnout Survey Findings
3. Burnout Reduction for the Individual Clinician
4. Physician Burnout - Systemic/Organizational Issues and Solutions - A Roadmap for Leaders
Burnout: Advocacy Efforts
For your convenience, all five articles are grouped as a compendium and are available for download as a single PDF file by clicking here.  

The organizations below have agreed to let us share their excellent resources: 

The Committee plans to continue to develop additional materials, support mechanisms, and advocacy initiatives to help MSSNY members deal with this crucial issue.

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Michael R. Privitera, MD 
Chair, MSSNY Committee on Physician Wellness and Resilience 
Director, Medical Faculty and Clinician Wellness Program
University of Rochester Medical Center