Sexual Harassment “Train the Trainers" Webinar: 
The Impact
on the Healthcare System and the Medical Profession 

Man touching a woman's armThe issue of sexual harassment in the workplace has been the center of a staggering amount of media attention and of a surge in litigation activity. Consistent with this momentum, New York State recently mandated that all employers were required to have a sexual harassment policy containing specified criteria in place by October 9, 2018, and to conduct sexual harassment prevention training by October 2019. (New York City requirements are slated to take effect in April 2019.) 

The issue of sexual harassment takes on particular significance for the healthcare industry, because there is an established nexus between disruptive behavior, which includes sexual harassment, and adverse patient outcomes and medical errors. Garfunkel Wild offered a complimentary “Train the Trainers” webinar on the issue of sexual harassment. The live webinar was presented on March 20, 2019.   

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By the conclusion of the “Train the Trainers” webinar, you will know how to teach your employees:  

      How to identify the more subtle forms of sexual harassment.

      The impact of sexual harassment on the quality of care and the victim.

      Practical advice on how to diminish and prevent sexual harassment at your practice.

      How to respond to sexual harassment in the workplace.

      Guidelines on how to comply with statutory mandates relating to sexual harassment. 

Garfunkel Wild offers individual or group training, on-site or off-site training, as well as webinar modules that can serve to satisfy this new statutory mandate for your employees. If you would like to set up a personal training, please contact Andrew L. Zwerling at 516-393-2581 or