MSSNY Health Information Technology 

       Statewide Physician Practice Support Organization (PPSO) 

The Medical Society of the State of New Yjavascript:void(0);ork, together with the New York State Department of Health and EastPoint Health (a MSSNY Sub-contractor) and a statewide work group consisting of MSSNY member physicians, have been involved in a project called the Adirondack Patient Centered Medical Home Demonstration Pilot. 

This pilot will change the face of healthcare delivery in the Adirondack Park Region of New York State. The project focuses on improved access to care, collaborative care based on quality and evidenced-based guidelines and increased revenue to physicians. The project integrates Patient Centered Medical Home processes based on NCQA Practice Guidelines and also introduces a new concept called Physician Practice Support Organization or PPSO for short.

he participants named above have developed a Statewide PPSO Handbook which summarizes the activities engaged in by the physicians of this region to make this concept a reality. Please click on the link below to open or download this document to experience a summary of this project.
Statewide Physician Practice Support Organization (PPSO)  (PDF; 2.7 MB)

The documents below represent full versions of the deliverables involved with the Adirondack Park Patient Centered Medical Home Pilot which provide and describe the activities undertaken to bring a project such as this to life. It contains insights into the nature of the physician support organization, governance structures, financials, technology, quality measures/metrics and evidence-based guidelines used in this project.

Deliverable 1: Clinical Survey (PDF; 920 KB)

Deliverable 2: Regional Baseline Demonstration Readiness Assessment of Physician Practices (PDF; 770 KB)

Deliverable 3: Technology Component – Requirements Plan (PDF; 650 KB)

Deliverable 4: Technology Component – Design Plan (PDF; 2.5 MG)

Deliverable 5: Sub-Regional Solution Business Plans (PDF; 1.7 MG)

Deliverable 6: Technology Component – Implementation Plan for Quality Measurement & Performance Reporting (PDF; 748 KB)

Deliverable 7: Three Sub-Regional Solutions Implementation Plan (PDF; 397 KB)

Deliverable 8: Technology Component Operating Plan (PDF; 1.0 MB)

Deliverable 9: Progress Report of Sub-Regional Solutions (PDF; 211 KB)

Deliverable 10: Final Report on Sub-Regional Solutions (PDF; 1.5 MG)

Deliverable 11: Developing the Capacity to Improve Care (PDF; 490 KB)