Medicare Part D

On January 1st, for the first time, Medicare began offering prescription drug coverage. This is the most important new benefit in Medicare’s forty-year history. People with Medicare and all patients who have both Medicare and Medicaid will now receive drug coverage under Medicare Part D. On March 24, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services released the Final 2007 Formulary Guidance for Medicare Prescription Drug plans. The following information has been provided to assist physicians with the transition and implementation of procedures relating to the Medicare Part D program.

Mar 06 Medicare Part D Transitional Toolkit 
Mar 06 Formulary Guidance 2007
Mar 06

Helping People with Medicare Apply for Extra Help

Feb 06 Information Regarding Duel Eligibles
Feb 06 Temporary Medicaid Coverage for Dual Eligibles
Feb 06 Tips for Enrolling In Prescription Drug Plans 
Feb 06 Part D Medicare Prescription Drug Plan Contact Info
Feb 06 Part D Drugs/Part D Excluded Drugs
Feb 06 Medicare Drug Coverage Under Part A, Part B, and Part D
Feb 06

Expedited Processes for Application of Cost Sharing
for Dually Eligible and Other Low-Income Beneficiaries

Jan 06 Part D General Information Brochure Spanish Version
Jan 06 CMS Part D Fact Sheet Spanish Version
Jan 06 Getting Drugs After Transition Spanish Version
Jan 06 Drug Coverage Personal Information Worksheet
Jan 06 Five simple steps to choosing a Medicare Rx plan
Jan 06

Medicare prescription drug coverage for homeless patients

Jan 06 Part D Glossary of Terms
July 05 Part B vs Part D Coverage Issues Discussion


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Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage:




  •  How to File a Complaint, Coverage Determination, or Appeal